Hold the Sources!

What Jim? Back to sources again? Yes, I want to camp on a certain thought.  If Dr. Thomas had not produced volumes of correspondence, would his biography have been doable today? We live in an age when mailboxes are filled with bills and junk mail. Few people take the time to write letters in 2024. Most of our mail is electronic and virtually [pardon the pun] inaccessible to anyone but the sender and receiver of the email. It strikes me that without making heroic efforts to save electronic correspondence, the only ways to leave anything to posterity are podcasts, blogs, articles, or books! No wonder we are inundated with autobiographies. Of course, when the subject of a biography is alive or recently deceased, interviews will fill a lot of holes. Yet, when your subject died seventy years ago, interviews are much more difficult to come by. I guess that the moral of this story is: if you are famous enough to become the subject of a biography, keep your correspondence on a thumb drive!

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